This is my changelog page, Here I'll be indicating when things on the site have been updated. I have also made an RSS feed for this page, to inform anybody who may or may not care about updates to the site. It is not a particularly accurate record, but it will do, I suppose.RSS Feed Icon

I created a new template and applied it to the whole site. It even works well with the image pages!

Added nanowrimo widget and updated the homepage accordingly.

I added a set of 68kMLA Channel Guidelines.
I added an iMac User Log.
Some changes were made to the Tech and Index pages.
Added a new image to my Best Photos page.

I haven't updated the page in awhile.
Created the Best-Of page in Imagery section.
Added the appropriate link on the Imagery page.
Changed the Links page to use the no-navbar template.

added more pages for various photographs
considered summer projects.

Added Valle Vista page to photography section.
Created a new template, for showing images.
Working a bit more with the Gotschland page.
Added Gotschland History page.
Just for the heck of it, I worked a bit on the Links page.
Changed some things around on the Imagery and AMHM Pages.

Adding more technology section pages today.
Added Usability article.
Added Gotschland section.
Updated The Template. (more links.)

Adding A Man And His Mac.
More Linkage!
Added A Man And His Mac Section.
Declared "AMHM" as short for "A Man And His Mac."

Added the technology section.
Added the Links page, filled it with content.
Added the About me page, started filling it.
Added the changelog RSS feed.
Added the RSS Feed Logo to the changelog page.
Added Academics section.
Added the photography page.
Made more links!

I created the site today.
home page, changelog created.