Cory Wiegersma - A Best.

I am somewhat of a photographer I suppose. I am a photography student. and I certainly do my best to either capture beauty, or at least create good functional images.

The images on this page are what I think of as my very best photography work, so far. This may or may not be representative of my actual best, because I may not have made the best I can, or I may not have decided to put it online yet.

This page is organized from earliest to latest. You can click on any photo to go to its page on Flickr, which will provide a better view, room to make comments, and allow you to see other things I've noted in the photo, or described about it.

Self Dance Portrait

Portraiture Test Shot

This is from my senior year of high school. I, and another Advanced Photography student set up and ran a portrait studio at the Kingman High School "Swing Thing" Dance. This image, incidentally, is one of the few on my site that were created with the Canon Digital Rebel.


Mirror Portrait

This is me at my mother's house, with my good friend "Joey" bouncing about behind me. The room was fairly well-lit, but the shot turned out a bit dark. I think it effectively sets the mood for him bouncing about, making himself look like a spirit or ghost.



Everybody loves a shot with razor-thin depth of field. This was at a party my mother threw for me right before I left home for NAU.

A Binder

A Binder

Okay, so they're not in perfect order. This is during the second semester of my senior year of high school. It's the binder in which I did, and still do keep all of my film photography things. contact sheets, negatives, etc.

New Lens - wideTest

My Father, at Ritz Camera

This is one of the first shots I did with the Quantaray 18-125mm lens, at 18mm. It's one of the best photos I have of my dad, and one of my favorites from the Vegas - Jan. 2007 set.


Melissa & Her Friends

This one was just a snapshot, and kind of an accidental one at that, but it fell together quite nicely. This was the first birthday party of Emily, Melissa's now-older-than-one-year daughter. This is an excellent "surrounded by good friends" type of shot.

Extreme Glenn

Extreme Glenn

Glenn is a very hyperactive, bouncy, quite outgoing friend from NAU. An ongoing joke about Glenn is that he knows everybody on campus. One of the other jokes we use is that people who don't know Glenn should be taken to the Biology building to be documented.

Contemplative Megan

Contemplative Megan

This is Megan, absolutely one of my best friends at NAU. And Megan is in one of my favorite photos of the Spring 2007 semester. This was on Glenn's birthday, and we were all exploring downtown a bit, and she stood under this tree, and I knew at that moment, this image would be awesome if I used fill flash.

Night Train!

American Rail Travel

This is an interesting photo. I used Camera RAW to convert the photo I took to a black and white. It created a photo with a bit of a classic feel, and saved an exposure I would otherwise have tossed.

I love trains. These are typical of the western United States, double-deck passenger cars, 85 feet long, introduced in the late 1970s and still being used today. Newer variants of these cars are in operation as commuter vehicles in California.

The GotschMobile!

The GotschMobile

Hr. Gotsch is the German teacher at Kingman High School. Over Spring Break in 2007, I went with the German club to the Hofbraeuhaus in Las Vegas. On a bit of a pit stop taken by our car, I was able to make this exposure of Hr. Gotsch driving by.


Tree At Dusk

I took this one not expecting very much, and then played with it in Camera Raw, and managed to pull out a lot of details. I especially like the shadows and texture on the driveway.