This is the page for my coming-soon webcomic, A Man And His Mac.

During the 10th grade, I wrote the beginning of what I will soon be pursuing as a webcomic opportunity. It was called "A Man and His Mac", and as the title indicates, it was basically about a man and his iMac G4 (I wrote it in like 2003 when they were still fashionable.) The iMac G4 can speak, and certainly has an attitude.

The story centers around the main character, whose name I haven't decided yet, and an iMac he owns. The iMac (which happens to be a G4 iMac) is fairly feisty, and sometimes a bit rowdy. It speaks, and is almost always up to mischeif. It's a bit like Pintsize from Questionable Content, but not in an Anthro form factor.

Here (136KB JPEG) is a particular piece of concept art I am including. It should help explain the iMac a big better, and show a bit of what's actually posible in the universe of A Man And His Mac.

I have a list of the AMHM Characters also, It isn't much yet, but it might give slightly more insight into the universe of AMHM.

main characters from a man and his mac

To the right, you see some preliminary renderings I've made of the two main characters. But just for fun, I am not going to tell you their names yet, nor am I going to tell you anything about them, other than that their poses may or may not say something about them. Oh, and the guy's t-shirt is a custom texture. You can click on the image for a bigger version, at the original rendered resolution.