I love photography, it's one of my favorite forms of image-making, and it is what I am getting my degree in. On this page, I will put some of my favorite and most recent images, and I will link to some other gallery pages. I also have some tutorial pages planned, as well as a few photo-journals.

Most of my images are made with my Nikon D50 camera, but some may have been made with the Nikon F. I will mention with any images if they were made with something other than the D50.

I've put together a page with some of my Very Best Photos.

Valle Vista Photos.

Sedona Trip 2007. (Coming Soon!)

Sedona 2007 - Pink Jeep Tour. (Coming Soon!)

Sedona 2007 - Hiking. (Coming Soon!)

PHO281 Portfolio. (Coming Soon!)

My Flickr Page! (Always there!)