Gotschland is yet another thing I did in 10th grade. Instead of being just a small thing like AMHM, it was an entire world. Initially, Gotschland was a world enclosed inside a small tube, not that great for most fiction or roleplaying, because it was very closed-ended, literally. I later opened Gotschland up and arranged the cities on a larger area, allowing them to be rearranged if needed, and allosing more cities and sovereign nations to be positioned around Gotschland. I am even working on naming and arranging some of the neighboring countries.

Gotschland is currently made up of 12 cities, and is governed by the Council of the 12 Cities. That is subject to change, however, as I decide whether or not I need/want to expand Gotschland.

History of Gotschland.

Gotschland Cities. (Coming next!)

Government Structure. (Have I even written this yet?)

Transportation in Gotschland. (Actually coming after the Cities.)