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Welcome to the web home of clw249. I am a student of photography and German at Northern Arizona University.

I am going to be creating this site during Summer 2007. It replaces an old site that was certainly showing its age. I have started working on content already, but as time progresses, I will have even more things going. I intend to eventually migrate much of the "permanent" content on the UeberWiki to this site.

Of note is the recent addition of a section for my "A Man and His Mac" endeavor, a webcomic of somewhat epic proportions. I suppose you could say it's kind of a big deal around here.

I also have a page for Gotschland, the fictional universe I have been creating for my own writing projects, among other things.

It's November again and I'm writing another novel! You can see my progress on the left.

I've created a page of Guidelines for the 68kMLA IRC Channel.