Welcome to the links page of a maniac. There are a lot of sites online that I visit often, web-comics I read, among other things. I am going to try to keep the pages organized by category as well.

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BS237 Bethany of NAU.
BJW73 Brandy of NAU , is publishing a webcomic soon!
MTG29 Mike of NAU, my Freshman year roommate.
ERO4 Erica of NAU.


PoofieComicForum This is the web forum of the comic of my friend Brandy of NAU. I love prepositions. You should too.
ShanesBand Band of my friend Shane, who went to my high school. I am apparently the drummer in the band.
PPCMLA I am a moderator at the PowerPC Mac Liberation Army forums. It is sort of a spinoff of the 68kMLA, which is fine with me, I think the discussion here is generally more "on task" and even friendlier when it is "off task."


Questionable Content What can I say? I started reading it one day and I basically became addicted - overnight. Literally, I read the whole archive in less than a week.
What The Duck Ducks, Photography, The Editor, and so much more. What could be better?
AppleGeeks comic about Mac users.
Better Days One of my Canadian online friends made me read this, and I've been subscribing to the RSS feed ever since. It's addictive I suppose.
XKCD XKCD is an excellent webcomic about love, math, romance, and sarcasm. It's got stick figures and great jokes, and is basically truth.


Adobe Adobe is the publisher of some of my favorite computer software. I use Dreamweaver, Photoshop and inDesign CS3 (plus sometimes Bridge and Illustrator) for most of what I do on my computer. This website was created in Dreamweaver.
Amtrak Amtrak, the American National Passenger Railroad corporation. This is American passenger trains. I ride the Southwest Chief from Kingman to Flagstaff and back on certain occassions.
Apple Apple, Inc. formerly known as Apple Computer Inc, my favorite computer company. "Because it sucks less than everything else" should be their motto.
Canon Canon makes cameras. Their EOS line of film and digital SLR cameras is acceptable, however I'm more interested in Canon's video products.
Nikon Basically, I love my Nikon digital SLR - and if the time ever comes to get a newer digital SLR, I will probably make it a Nikon.