J. Judson Wynne
Media Coverage

Cave Ecology

NAU Researchers Chirping over Discovery of New Cricket Genus (May 2006) - This story was covered by The Boston Globe, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, over 10 newspapers in the southwestern United States, and numerous websites including Discovery Channel News.

KNAU Earth Notes - J. Judson Wynne and New Cricket Discovery (August 2006)

Arizona Public Radio News, Flagstaff, AZ - New Millipede Genus Discovery (20 February 2007)

MSNBC - New albino millipedes discovered: 'Living fossils' will help researchers understand how life evolved in caves (01 March 2007)

Inside NAU - Discovery of new cave millipedes casts light on Arizona cave ecology (28 February 2007)

Earth Mars Cave Detection Program

Georgia Southern Magazine, Spring 2006 - Cave Man: Wildlife Ecologist Wynne Seeks Out Life Underground

The Explorers Log, Fall 2006, 38 (4): 21 - St. Louis Chapter Report, NASA Spaceward Bound! Atacama Desert, Chile Expedition

MSNBC-Cosmic Log - Caves on Mars (19 March 2007)

National Geographic Online - Mars has Cave Networks, New Photos Suggest (21 March 2007)


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