Lesson 6

This lesson covers the disengage.

The Disengage

The disengagement (cavazione) is a blade movement that is used to detach your blade from the opposing blade.  At this point in the progression of instruction the disengage may be used to detach your blade from your opponent's when they perform a blade seizure.  During this movement you will make a spiral action of your blade to bring your point in line to the uncovered portion of your opponent's target area.  The action of the disengage must be made with the fingers or the wrist.  Never with the arm.  This will enable you to quickly take positional advantage or at a minimum come back to a neutral on-guard position. 

As a counter-attack action as the opponent makes a blade seizure, you will perform the disengage with an extension of the arm and lunge providing opposition to their sword to avoid a double-hit.

When performing the disengage the point of your sword should make an arc big enough to avoid the opponent's weapon and arm. 

The disengage may also be used with feinting actions which will be dicussed in a later lesson.