Lesson 5

This lesson covers the blade seizure and glide attack.  It will also cover the ceding parry.

The Blade Seizure

The blade seizure is an action against the blade to gain control over it prior to making an attack.  The seizure is made in spoecific lines.  The video clip linked above shows a blade seizure in fourth with a glide attack on the inside of the opponet's blade.

The Glide

The glide is an attack made after a blade seizure that runs down along the opponeent's blade.  See the video link above for a glide in fourth after a blade seizure in fourth.

The Ceding Parry

The ceding parry is made in response to a glide attack.  It is a mutation of guard from one position to another to passively parry an attack.  For example to respond to a glide in third one would move the guard to first yielding to the incomming attack and parrying it.

Seizures and Parries

When executing seizures or parries you should always use yourself as the frame of reference.  Use the following chart as a guide.
Close line to low inside. Push opposing blade to inside.
Close line to low outside. Push opposing blade to outside.
Close line to high outside. Push opposing blade to outside.
Close line to high inside. Push opposing blade to inside.