Guidelines for the Fencing Club at Northern Arizona University


First and foremost membership in the club is offered to students with acceptable academic records. Membership is also extended to faculty, staff, alumni and dependants of the same. Since the Fencing Club at NAU is the only fencing club in the area the club invites select students from the local FUSD school system as well as card carrying members of fencing groups like the USFA and the SCA. Attendance by anyone not affiliated with NAU may only be done with the approval of the club advisor.

Current dues are $5 per semester for students and $10 per semester for non-students.

Conditions for dismissal from the club

There are a number of conditions that may cause a person to be barred from fencing at club practices. These include but are not limited to:

Club Ettiquette

As in all fencing clubs and Salles a certain ettiquette should be adhered to. This ettiquette includes but is not limited to the following: