Augmentative Communication Devices






Task 1 - Definition of Augmentative Communication


You will be divided into teams of 4 or 5 students.


¨  To begin with, each team will explore background information about augmentative communication.

¨  Each team will then explore these topics: users, technology, conventional devices, and the future.


Each group will be required to present to your instructor a definition of Augmentative Communication.


Task 2 - Select an Augmentative Communication Device


Each team will then select a specific augmentative communication device to research.  Please submit your choice to your teacher as each team must choose a different device.  To complete this task, please consider the following:


¨  This device must be something presentable to the class.

¨  Each individual student will come up with at least 4 or 5 facts about your team’s device.

¨  Get together as a team and present your information to the other members of your team.  Along with the presentation, you must have an outline.  Your outline should include the following:


-Name of Device

-What specific disability your device augments

-How it is used

-Benefits and drawbacks

-History and future

-What the public should know about augmentative communication


***As you work on this presentation, please remember that additional outside research will almost always be required. Please refer to the information sources at the end of this WebQuest. 


Task 3 - Written paper


In this paper, please present a case-study that you have found where a person has used augmentative communication devices successfully and how this impacted their life.  Please also include what you believe the future will hold for those needing augmentative communication devices.

In your paper, please include the following:

¨  Abstract – a short overview of your paper

¨  Introduction – include history and explanation of these devices.

¨  Body – case study and future inventions

¨  Conclusion – tie everything together.

¨  References – please include at least three references.


It must be in APA style.


Task 4 - PowerPoint Design


You will create a PowerPoint presentation and present it to the class.  Your PowerPoint presentation should include the following:

·       Minimum of 6 slides

·       Each slide must have a background

·       Each slide must have a Text Object

o      All text is easily readable (point size of 20 or more)

o      Text of different sizes, colors and styles (e.g., bold, italic, etc.)

·       Each slide must have at least one graphic.

o      One must be from the PowerPoint library,

o      One must be from the Internet,

o      One must be a scanned image,

o      One must have animation.

·       Good design:

o      Colors are coordinated

o      The elements are uncluttered

o      Is pleasing to look at


Task 5 - Presentation


Each team will present their chosen assistive technology device to the class using their PowerPoint and written paper.  Please plan for 20 minutes maximum for your presentation.  Handouts would be helpful, but are not required.


Task 6 - “Panel of Experts”


Now that each team is an expert on Augmentative Communication Devices, the teacher will test each team at decision making.  Each team will be presented with 8 case studies.   You will have 45 minutes as a team to decide which device would be the most helpful for each case and why.  The responses must be written and will be graded on practicality and support of your answer.  The team able to consistently support their answers and provide good alternatives will be exempt from this portion of the final.


It is up to the team to work together to decide the best form of communication for that

child with his/her specific symptoms. 









Information Sources





This is a Web Quest created for ETC547 as an assignment.  It will attempt to teach students about assistive technology with special emphasis on Augmentative communication devices.