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Wire Pass

Wire pass is a bad ass slot canyon that leads into the head of the Paria canyon. This is a great entry level slot canyon. It is pretty short from the entrance to the Paria river. You can go on from there but it will not be dry anymore. The river goes on for more than 30 miles before it let's out at Lee's Ferry at Marble Canyon. Wire pass is one of the entry canyons for he Paria. It has three small falls but requires no rope or any equipment. This slot is usually dry and I have yet to see any water in it at all. Not even a pool. The water in the paria river can be pretty muddy so you should bring enough water for your hike. The water can be pumped if you need to and gets clearer farther downstream. Some people have made an overnight out of this by going through wire pass and camping a ways down the Paria river canyon. They hike out the same way the next day. There is a ranger station for Escalante on the road after you pass Lake Powell. They can give you information and trailhead directions. It is a dirt road out there but can easily be done in a car at low water. As always, watch for snakes in all slot canyons, they have no where to run from you.


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