Web Resource Links Related to Arizona Roadside Environments

Standards and Mandates

National Science Education Standards

Arizona Department of Education

ADE Science Standards

Science Inquiry In the Classroom

Project-Based Science (PBS). The goal of the PBS group is to improve the way science classes are taught by involving students in finding solutions to authentic questions through extended inquiry, collaboration and use of technology. The site talks more about the project than giving specific examples.

The Insights curriculum modules are designed to assist teachers of all ranges of experience in inquiry&endash;based science teaching, and support their comprehension of the process of conceptual understanding through inquiry.

Exploratorium Sites about Inquiry

General Resources -



Science Learning Network: Explore Our Resource INQUIRY! Inquiry resources have been developed by each museum in the Science Learning Network.

Field Methods

San Francisco Estuary Institute's Volunteer Guides:

Avian Inventory Bird Survey - Point count method

Fisheries Habitat Survey

The Habitat Restoration Group Field Manuals Containing Student and Volunteer Monitoring Protocols compiled by (See Environmental Education below)

Internet Linked School Science Projects

Stories of Teachers using the Internet in their classroom -

A Journey North - A Global Study of Wildlife Migration

Multicultural Education

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Multicultural Educational Reform Programs.


Internet Resources for Science Mathematics Education Collected by Tom O'Haver for the Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation. -Multicultural connections (updated Jan, 1998) -

Environmental Education Resources

GREEN - Global Rivers Enviro Ed. Network

Evironmental Directory's page on Environmental Ed.

EE link is environemental education on the internet.

Using Computers in Environmental Education: Interactive Multimedia and On-Line Learning Contents -

Institute for Learning Technology, Columbia University - Curricula Group:Science, Resources by Discipline: Environmental Science - Contains Student Work, Curricula, Projects, and Ecology Research Sites -

Illinois Natural History Project - Contains pages focused on biodiversity, aquatic ecology, wildlife ecology and more. These have much reading for students

Ecoquest: Desert This is an interactive WebQuest designed for teachers in search of middle school science curriculum. Ecoquest was structured to introduce students to Internet research and multimedia design. This project utilizes the vast quantities of information the Internet has to offer education. This site is rated EXCELLENT and has a friendly web master willing to help and collaborate!

Native Plants of Arizona is the result of a joint effort between the Department of Biological Sciences and the College of Ecosystem Science and Management (formerly known as the College of Forestry) in effort to help students learn the identification and taxonomy of plants found in Arizona and specifically Northern Arizona.

Linked Schools Directories

Learning Circles- A coordinating center for schools wanting to participate in collaborative multi-school learning projects.

Web66 University of Minesota's College of Education k-12 World Wide Web Education Project -

ISD Arizona Schoolweb -

Technology Resources

Technology Resources

Web Page Construction Resources

NCSA Beginner's Guide to HTML The NCSA is responsible for approving the HTML standard. This is their primer to help people who want to know how to use the underlying HTML code learn what they are doing.

EWS Internet Jumpstation

Netscape web building commercial site -

Complete HTML guide, based on reference material from Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in 21 Days, Second Professional Reference Edition (1997, MacMillan)

Other Related Educational Material

Biology 100 at NAU has excellent resource lists, ideas for project criteria, and statistical methods for upper level secondary or entry level college students.

Computer Lab: Surfing the Net

Roadside guide to unusual tourist attractions

The Project Integration Visualization Tool (PIViT), developed as a flexible design tool for Macintosh and Windows operating systems, help teachers visualize and plan complex, integrated curricula such as those associated with Project-Based Science.