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Research professionals in the sciences, including environmental science, biology, ecology, geology, meteorology, forestry, and others, are invited to share their work at this web site. Each investigator listed below has submitted a summary document about a body of work done about a specific area or a general topic. One example of a report done on a key research finding that can act as an example for secondary inquiry has also been submitted. The research pertains to phenomena with observable manifestations in wild land settings at or near roadside areas. Some topics are broad, for example ponderosa pine ecology, while others are very specific, such as Montezuma Well's unique aquatic ecosystem.

All information has been "translated" from its technical form to common (newspaper ready or high school equivalent) English. In some instances technical terms have been retained when necessary for exactness.

Research Is Listed By:

Primary Investigator

W. Sylvester Allred Senior Lecturer NAU Department of Biological Sciences
R. Scott Anderson Associate Professor, Environmental Sciences Northern Arizona University
Paul Beier Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology NAU School of Forestry
Ron Blakey Professor of Geology NAU Department of Geology
Dean Blinn Regent's Professor NAU Department of Biological Sciences
Wally Covington Director, Ecological Restoration Program NAU School of Forestry
Tom Kolb Associate Professor NAU School of Forestry
Will Moir Research Ecologist Rocky Mountain Research Station
W. Linn Montgomery Professor of Biology NAU Department of Biological Sciences
Rod Parnell Professor of Geology and Environmental Science NAU Department of Geology and Center for Environmental Sciences and Education
Thomas Sisk Professor of Biology and Environmental Science NAU Department of Biology and Center forEnvironmental Sciences and Education


Rocky Mountain Research Station United States Forest Service Northern Arizona University
United States Geological Survey Biological Resources Division Colorado Plateau Field Station/NAU
Glen Canyon Environmental Studies Colorado River Sandbar Study Northern Arizona University

Topic Focus

Montezuma Well Dean Blinn Regent's Professor, NAU Department of Biological Sciences
Fire Ecology of Ponderosa Pine Forests Will Moir Rocky Mountain Research Station