Water Chemistry Procedures:

1. Bring Limnology Test Kit to site 1 on Lower Lake Mary (Refer to site map).

2. Take temperature of water in Celsiuswith aquatic thermometer near shoreline 6cm in depth.

3. Keep thermometer submerged for 5 minutes.

4.Record result in data table.

5. Test pH, Carbon Dioxide and Dissolved Oxygen of site 1 using directions on the Limnology Test.

Kit for each respective test. All tests are preformed separately by two people for verification.

6. Take all water samples near shoreline between 6cm and 12cm in depth.

7. Record results in data table.

8. Repeat steps (5-7) at site 1 and record results.

9. Repeat steps (1-8) at remaining test sites two, three, and four on site map.

10. Return 5 days later and repeat all but visit sites in reverse order.

Collection of Aquatic Invertebrates

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