All About Us!!


Maureen Culver

 I received my undergraduate degree in elementary education from Notre Dame of Maryland and my master's degree in school psychology from Bucknell University. I have taught science to middle school students all my adult life and am presently in my 11th year at a small school about 40 miles southwest of Tucson, Altar Valley Middle School. 

Doug Watson

Received Bachelors Degree in 1981 from Arizona State University, Masters Degree from Northern Arizona University in 1984. Currently the science department chairman at Winslow High School where I have been teaching chemistry for the last 17 years.

Jamaica Smith

I teach seventh grade science at Kingman Junior High School, in Kingman, Arizona. We are located about 45 miles east of the Colorado River on Interstate 40. I've been teaching for 3 years, and I love teaching science and working with seventh graders. I am also taking on the responsiblity of sponsoring yearbook this year.

My hobbies include reading, writing, horsebackriding, herpetoculture, and computers. I am also a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and a licensed falconer. I love basketball, I am a diehard Suns fan, and I will never, ever be a Bulls fan! :-)


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