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Congratulations to those educators who completed the MRESI workshop. Thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work! View their completed science projects on the MRESI web pages.

Educators, if you are interested in becoming involved and learning how you can utilize the Arizona Roadside Environments web site in your classroom visit the Schools and MRESI pages. We can connect you with a participating university researcher for in-class correspondence and help you set up a research design for your own scientific inquiry.


Arizona Roadside Environments is an Internet site dedicated to learning about Arizona's exceptionally beautiful and diverse natural environment. From cactus-covered lowlands to high forested peaks and plateaus to the spectacular Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, the state's landscape is unparalleled. Online, this site is organized like a guidebook and is oriented towards whole ecosystems, including plant communities, wildlife, and regional geology. The ROADMAP page is a good place to start, providing an overview map of the state, a diagram showing Arizona's major geographic regions, and links to specific information on each area.



Project History and Goals


Arizona Roadside Environments (A.R.E.) is a cooperative project between professional researchers at Northern Arizona University and secondary school classes. Information describing natural phenomena seen on or near Arizona highways or roads is placed online in a readable format of interest to the general public. Results from specific scientific studies, conducted throughout different regions of the state, are shared via this A.R.E. site. A.R.E. not only explores the nature of Arizona, providing an abundance of information on the ecology and geology of the state, but it also looks at human interactions with the natural world, including topics such as management of our national forests that can have far-reaching effects on residents and visitors to our state.



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Last Updated April 15, 1999