Diamond Down - The Lower Colorado

group picture

On October 8, 2010 NAU Outdoors and the Women's and Gender Studies department took 12 women on a trip through the Diamond Down stretch of the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon. Our trip lasted for three days and four nights. It was an experience we will never forget.

We came from all different backgrounds, ages, and experience levels. On our trip, we learned how to manage the river and we learned about leave no trace ethics. We also learned the history of the Grand Canyon and those who traveled through it before us.

During the day we spent most of our time on the river, either just enjoying the ride or navigating rapids. We stopped for lunch and sometimes went on hikes to see waterfalls or arches. Everyone helped with food and we ate better than I ever thought we would on a trip of that nature.

At night, we would stop and set up camp. Everyone would help prepare dinner and also clean up. We sat around the campfire and told stories and enjoyed just the presence of the canyon. When it came time for bed some of us choose to sleep under the stars while others slept in tents. The nights were beautiful and calm, and the sound of water gurgled nearby as we all slept.

Come morning, we were all refreshed. Some of us did yoga on the beach while others did their own morning routine. After a healthy breakfast, we all loaded the boats and took off to see more of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.

Read more about our trip by browsing through some of our Student Testimonials. Also, feel free to look at our photo galleries from the trip. If you would like more information about being part of the next trip, contact the Women's and Gender Studies department or NAU Outdoors.