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    There are plenty of advantages to getting involved on this university campus.  I immediately found where I belonged when I joined the Cheerleading team.  I have been on the team for the past 2 years and currently I am captain of the team.  We keep ourselves extremely busy cheering for volleyball, football, and men's/women's basketball games.  We hold practice everyday and the weekends are usually booked with school appearances. 

    I found it very easy to get acquainted with the college experience by getting involved.  It not only allowed for me to excel in school, but it also helped me build many friendships.  I realized that the busier I was with all of the activities the harder I concentrated on my studies.  Cheerleading is a part of the athletics program at Northern Arizona University so it is required to maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average to be eligible.  A book scholarship is awarded to those members on the team who have cheered for more than one year. 

    The cheer team does more than just cheer at the athletic events.  We plan on competing in the National Cheer Association Collegiate Nationals which are held in Florida during the first part of the year and we also are going to Las Vegas to compete in the United Spirit Association Collegiate Nationals.  Besides competition we have performed at the Arizona Cardinals half time show,  the Phoenix Suns practice game, we will also exhibition at several high school cheerleading competitions.  We strive to keep the Jacks spirit alive along with building a strong, competitive squad that will bring in some national recognition.